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We're skilled in...

Front-end development

We're fluent in many front-end techniques:

  • HTML5
  • CSS, Less, Sass, Bootstrap
  • Javascript, React, jQuery, Bower
  • Handlebar, Twig, Smarty

Back-end and full-stack

We know many back-end and full-stack languages and frameworks, from the old-but-reliable to the bleeding edge. Because you need the right tool to do the job right.

  • Meteor (our platform of choice)
  • PHP
  • WordPress

We also know SQL and Mongo databases, and as publishers on our own SaaS product, we're also adept DevOps (Linux on DigitalOcean).

See our talk on React and its integration in Meteor.

Architecture and tooling

We're adept of micro-services, hexagonal architecture, and 12-factor apps.

On the front end, we believe in components, clear data flows, and responsive design.

We also love development tools, and strongly feel that any code you have should deploy and test with just one command.

To achieve this, we use:

  • Git for source control
  • NPM, Composer, Bower for dependency management
  • Grunt for orchestration, build, and deployment
  • PhantomJS, CasperJS, Mocha, and Chai for our functional tests

We can...

Build your website

Need a custom website to represent you on the web?

Your site should:

  • Have a style that fits you
  • Display properly on smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Have multiple languages
  • Be easy to update yourself

We deliver exactly that, and we do it with you, in a professional, friendly, and fast way.

Have a look at our latest realization

Develop your application

Do you have a business process that needs automation? Some painful Excel file integrations? Paper reports? Why not replace it with a web application?

We can help you optimize your business:

  • clarify your business needs
  • design the best interface
  • develop the custom application
  • deploy it on your servers

Want to see something we built? Check out our main product, TimeTom.

You can also browse our open source contributions on GitHub, npm, and StackOverflow.

Join your team

Sometimes you just need some help to get work done, or some expertise to supplement your existing team. We have a wide range of skills, and easily integrate in most environments.

If you like what we do and need some consulting assistance, contact us

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